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Patient Opinions

"I like the holistic approach to finding the root cause rather than “quick fix” for the pain relief. But it means you need to work hard too. There is no magic solution, especially if you are suffering from a long term condition. Your body and mind need time to readjust and Dr Gary will be your guide."

-P. Malinski October 7, 2023

Great experience and highly recommended. Gary devised a 12-session plan that helped improve movement stability and control, which helped with
i) performance during sports (powerlifting lifts have become more stable and symmetric)
ii) improvement of lifestyle (better posture at work, lower back pain)

Looking forward to continue working with him

-M. Flamino October 7, 2022

It was my first ever visit at any chiropractor in my life, but it wasn't the last. Dr. Gary took his time explaining all the aspects of health of the body, applied precise and targeted exercises that to my surprise worked pretty quickly! I have a chronic back pain and shoulder problem after a car accident.

He is very thorough, decent, knowledgeable and welcoming all questions. I was a bit intimidated by the idea of cracking my spine and neck in particular, but the experience was painless and relieving, my concerns were met with fully profession advice!
Whenever I am in Poland I will visit and I am spreading the word about that not so well known yet in Poland service that chiropractors provide. I did my research first and asked my friends who are chiropractors for guidance (you don't want someone unexperienced messing with you neck!). Dr. Gary holds Palmers College of Chiropractic Certification - highly recognized around the world.

-M. Sikora October 7, 2023

Dr. Gary is good and confident in his work. His treatment and suggestions really work. I noticed significant improvement during the treatment plan. I recommend Dr. Gary.👍

-M. Shukla July 10, 2022

Gary is a specialist of the kind I would like to meet as often as possible on my journey. Our first meeting was an in-depth conversation about all matters that may affect my health. Gary asked insightful questions that demonstrated his holistic approach to the patient. The interview took several times longer than with physiotherapists and other representatives of traditional medicine.

I received a clear action plan from Gary for subsequent meetings, along with exercises in which I could record Gary doing it and then repeat them under his supervision. The meetings take place in a pleasant atmosphere and are specific and non-verbal. The relief after each "shot" during treatments is brilliant. ;)

I highly recommend it and keep my fingers crossed that more and more holistic specialists like Gary will appear in Wrocław.

-B. Dziwak October 20, 2023

Gary is very attentive, listens carefully, asks questions and provides detailed answers to my questions.
He always explains the relationship between the recommended exercises and the expected improvement in health. I like Gary's personality, it helps me getting better.
I find the initial questionnaire extremely helpful in preparing for the visit and getting to know patient's health.
I sincerely recommend Gary, his professional and holistic approach to patient.

A. Zaborska May 5, 2023

I highly recommend visiting Dr. Gary Tanchak if you are experiencing back pain. I was having major lower back pain late into my third trimester of pregnancy. I thought it was something I would just need to deal with and that came with the stage of pregnancy I was in. After a consultation with Dr. Tanchak, he was able to identify the cause, suggest a treatment plan and demonstrate additional exercises that I can do at home to ensure the adjustment can be long-lasting. In just two visits I am feeling significantly better and will continue to follow up with him for additional care when needed. Definitely worth a visit if you are experiencing back pain. Good luck!

T. Senkiw March 2, 2021

Mr. Gary is a wonderful chiropractor. He identified my back injury in no time and fixed it with care. I had some other chiropractor experiences before but Mr. Gary is at another level. He is caring about his patients and regularly checking them. Just go him, you won’t be disappointed.

E. Enis February 18, 2021

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