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Christine Cummins CST-T

Christine is an English-Speaking Craniosacral Therapist from Ireland.

Christine, a dedicated Craniosacral therapist hailing from Ireland, is thrilled to be part of the esteemed Wroclaw Chiropractic team.

Specializing in Craniosacral therapy, she recognizes its unique potential for holistic well-being, especially within the vibrant community of Wroclaw, Poland.


With a wealth of experience and training from the Upledger Institute in Ireland, Christine focuses on individualized sessions tailored to address various concerns, including headaches, long-term injuries, and emotional stresses.


Her expertise extends to somato-emotional release, and pediatrics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to Craniosacral therapy. Having completed a specialized course on the 'second brain' – the gut – she brings a nuanced understanding of its impact on overall health.

Who Can Benefit From Craniosacal Therapy?

Common issues that respond well to Craniosacral therapy include:

  •  Pain (including chronic pain): headaches, migraines, back pain, joints, limbs, teeth, spine;

  •  Neurological syndromes: tingling and tingling in the limbs, sciatica, femoral, brachial, tics;

  •  Concentration disorders, learning difficulties, sleep disorders (including insomnia),

  •  Neurotic and anxiety disorders, general malaise without specific causes, states of nervous arousal,

  •  Chronic stress

  •  Hyperactivity in children and adults (ADHD, ADD);

  •  Autism;

  •  Perinatal injuries to mother and child;

  •  Postpartum depression;

  •  Vision and hearing disorders;

  •  Otolaryngological diseases (ears, sinuses);

  •  Dysfunctions of the masticatory system (temporomandibular joint), teeth grinding, bruxism;

  •  Post-traumatic conditions (fractures, sprains, dislocations);

  •  Chronic fatigue syndrome;

  •  Depression;

  •  Decreased immunity;

  •  Traumas of various origins;

  •  Problems getting pregnant.

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