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Iwona Kurczab

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Iwona is a Classic and Contemporary 

trained Pilates instructor

She recognizes that the body is more than just muscles and joints. Iwona believes that movement leads to a better and more fulfilling life!

Iwona started her journey in movement as a semi-professional Cross Country Mountain Bike racer. She learned that the one dimensional movement on her bike required her to cross train in order to avoid injury and feel better. 

Through this she discovered yoga, pilates and functional movement. Now she uses all of the above in combination to best suit her clients needs. She also puts an emphasis on making training fun!

During the summer season, Iwona is also an Enduro Mountain bike instructor at Trasy Enduro Srebrna Gora.

Who Can Benefit From Pilates?

-Pilates can benefit individuals of all fitness levels, helping to improve core strength, posture, and muscular balance.

-The practice also places a large emphasis on spinal mobility, this matches with the Chiropractic Philosophy of health.

-Iwona trains with people of All Ages - from children to seniors, you can expect her to tailor the training to your level and needs.


Price List

1 hour Session                       170pln

5 Session Package              750pln (100pln off)

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