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What is Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive method, effective in influencing the body and human emotions. It primarily focuses on the nervous system, crucial for all aspects of our lives.

Diseases, trauma, stress, lack of sleep, environmental pollution, or an unhealthy diet disturb the natural balance of our organism. Craniosacral therapy initiates healing processes, supporting the self-regulation of our body.


The therapist uses the Craniosacral rhythm and tension patterns in the body to listen to the patients needs.  

Sessions can be strictly aimed at alleviating physical tension, or it can also address emotional tension that is held within the tissues and fascia. 

A key element of Craniosacral therapy is that the patients lead the session so that only what the

patient is ready for will be addressed. In a typical session the client is laying down, fully clothed and their comfort is prioritized over all else. 

To begin the therapist assesses the general tension and craniosacral rhythm in the body and goes from there. The therapist is trained to feel subtle shifts in the body which are related to significant areas of tension or trauma and also releases in that tension and trauma. 


Who is it for?

Common issues that respond well to
Craniosacral therapy

  •  Pain (including chronic pain): headaches, migraines, back pain, joints, limbs, teeth, spine;

  •  Neurological syndromes: tingling and tingling in the limbs, sciatica, femoral, brachial, tics;

  •  Concentration disorders, learning difficulties, sleep disorders (including insomnia),

  •  Neurotic and anxiety disorders, general malaise without specific causes, states of nervous arousal,

  •  Chronic stress

  •  Hyperactivity in children and adults (ADHD, ADD);

  •  Autism;

  •  Perinatal injuries to mother and child;

  •  Postpartum depression;

  •  Vision and hearing disorders;

  •  Otolaryngological diseases (ears, sinuses);

  •  Dysfunctions of the masticatory system (temporomandibular joint), teeth grinding, bruxism;

  •  Post-traumatic conditions (fractures, sprains, dislocations);

  •  Chronic fatigue syndrome;

  •  Depression;

  •  Decreased immunity;

  •  Traumas of various origins;

  •  Problems getting pregnant.

About Christine

Having discovered Craniosacral therapy, Christine considers it a privilege to work with the complete interconnection
of the body. 
With clients of all ages, common reasons for seeking her help include headaches, long-term injuries, and emotional stresses.

Trained with the Upledger Institute in Ireland, she acquired expertise in somato-emotional release, and pediatrics. Additionally, Christine completed a specialized course focusing on the 'second brain' – the gut – and its significant impact on the entire body.

Treating each patient as an individual with sessions guided by their unique needs is a core value in her work. 

Price List

1 hour Session                       220pln

3 Session Package               600pln

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